#LuckLists - Thomas Csorba

#LuckLists - Thomas Csorba

Since he won the Southwest Airlines: Artist On The Rise To Luck contest, we’ve become fast friends with Thomas Csorba. He’s hitting the road with Sean McConnell for a few dates this summer and plans to return to the studio as well. “I'm also itching to get in the studio this summer and start fleshing out all the new tunes I have for a new record. I've got the tunes, now I've just got to bring them to life!”  Thomas was good enough to share some of his favorite tunes for our latest installment of #lucklists

1. Gypsy Friday - Townes Van Zandt

"Of all the TVZ tunes, this one may be my favorite. I think the spirit of the song is perfectly and equally executed throughout his lyrics, vocals, and production (is that a foot tapping?)"

2. Glory Of Love - Big Bill Broony

"Big Bill Broonzy was one of the first old blues guitarists / singers that I really fell in love with. This song, specifically, is a really excellent performance of a really great melody. Killer playing and killer vocals. I also love that he doesn't sing until past the one minute, thirty second mark. He knows just how to let the melody speak for itself."

3. Wayside Back In Time - Gillian Welch

"This is my all-time favorite Gillian Welch song. The first time I heard it, it really struck me because it was a wildly different feel than the Gillian songs I knew and held dear. I especially love this line: "Peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall / If I can't have you all the time, I don't want none at all." C'mon!"

4. Tattler - Ry Cooder

"Man. This song is really special to me. I think throughout Ry Cooder's discography, anyone can see that he never backed down from merging different styles of music. This song (seemingly) comes from an old Washington Phillips tune called "You Can't Stop a Tattler". I love Ry's reference to that older stuff while bringing his own style to the table."

5. Lovesick Blues (Show 4) - Hank Williams

"There's something really special to me about the Garden Spot Programs. I fell in love with Hank's tunes when I was in highschool, and especially gravitated towards these collections of tunes. These recordings really give you a sense of time and place, and the listener can get really immersed in the song. Also, he's just cool - "The Old Lovesick Drifting Cowboy"? Who doesn't want to be a cowboy?"

6. You’re Still On My Mind - The Byrds

"This tune comes from "Sweetheart of the Rodeo", my favorite Byrds record. I'll go so far as to say that the late 60's is my favorite era of music. To me, this song is pretty indicative of that. Gram Parsons has his fingerprints all over this thing as he convinced the group to make a true country record.  The keys on this tune are (in my mind) the standard for piano on a country record, and the vocals are near perfect. This tune is great because every instrument has its place and subtly informs the others."

7. Give A Damn - The Staple Singers

"Incredible groove, incredible vocals, incredible horns. I love just about everything there is to this song. Socially and politically speaking, I think listening closely to the Staple Singers' stuff could do us a whole lot of good. This stuff is really deep, and they sure know how to get their point across. I could never grow tired of it."

8. Moon In The Water - Dawes

"Dawes is one of the best bands that I've gotten to follow and be a true "fan" of during my lifetime. I think Goldsmith is one of the best writers around, and the band is absolutely flooring. This might be my favorite Dawes song. I think it's a hidden gem on such a stacked record. I love the line,"Even if love is more my mistress than my lovers ever are, you'll always be the moon in the water". Come on! That's got to be the quintessential hopeless-romantic lyric."

9. Jenny Of The Roses - Hiss Golden Messenger

"Man. I tell everybody about this band. I think they're the real deal, and their songs have been a refuge for me over the past couple years. The deepest of pockets, and so much soul. This song specifically, speaks to me in really special ways. What a way to start the record! I'm grateful to have gotten to listen to their tunes, and I'm unbelievably excited to get to see them live down at Luck."(Note - we can confirm that Thomas dig get to see that set!)

10. (There’ll Be) Peace In The Valley - Loretta Lynn & Patsy Cline

"The record "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" was produced by Chet Atkins. He, Patsy and Loretta made something really special. This song is one of my favorite old Gospel songs, and I love their arrangement of it. Those harmonies make me so happy. I find myself coming back to this recording quite often."

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Song Premiere: Thomas Csorba's "Murmur of Yearning"

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