Song Premiere: Thomas Csorba's "Murmur of Yearning"

Song Premiere: Thomas Csorba's "Murmur of Yearning"


In 2018 Houston, TX singer/songwriter Thomas Csorba joined the Luck Family after being voted “Artist On The Rise” as part of Southwest Airlines' “Road To Luck” competition; kicking off the Reunion with a poignant set on the World Headquarters Stage.

Today, Csorba is releasing a stand-alone single, “Murmur Of Yearning”, with an exclusive Luck Journal premiere. We sat down with the artist to discuss the single, his Luck experience, and upcoming plans to continue kicking ass. Read more and listen to "Murmur of Yearning" below. 

Luck: Where did your love for music and songwriting start? What has your career journey taken you so far?

Thomas: I fell in love with folks like Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson (of course), and lots of old Texas blues music when I was about 15 years old. Around that time, I learned a few chords on guitar and couldn't help but writing tunes of my own. The interest in writing, singing, and playing seemed to all come at the same time, and I've been fortunate enough to get to chase that down ever since. 

Luck: Your set at Luck Reunion was a fan favorite. What was it like taking the stage right next to Willie's personal hang? And can you tell us a bit about your “road to Luck” as part of Southwest Airlines' “Artist On The Rise” contest?

Thomas: Man. Playing at Luck was so special. It was truly an honor to get to play that stage, and now be a part of the Luck Family. Willie Nelson is incredibly influential to me, and words can't describe the gravity of being affiliated with him in a small way. The "Artist on the Rise" contest was super incredible because I got to organize my friends and fans in a way I never have before. It's a beautiful thing when you see people interact with your art and passion. It surely takes an army to get some traction on a thing like this, and it's cool now to have the Luck Family as part of that.

Luck: You're releasing this single independent of a full album. What inspired that decision?

Thomas: Yeah! I wrote this song about a year ago - separate from a big batch of tunes (that will soon be a new record). I think the song is really different than most of the stuff I'm used to writing, and I think it's strong enough to stand up on its own. I hope releasing it this way gives the song the spotlight it deserves. It's a special tune to me, and I hope it'll be special to some of folks. I waned to make sure it's presented on its own platter.

Luck: On first listen, the song seems is very relevant to the current political and cultural climate – a combination of desperation for solutions and faith in the beauty of the things in front of us that can't be taken away. What does the “Murmur Of Yearning” mean to you?

Thomas: Thanks so much. I've never been one to want to "preach" from behind a microphone, but I do think that part of my job as a songwriter is to present the world in a way that makes people look at it honestly. I think that's what this tune is about. There's a whole lot of hurt in this world that people don't want to address. The title itself came from a Walt Whitman poem. I think it very concisely exemplifies a lot of that hurt and pain in the world that isn't really being dealt with.  

Luck: You're pretty young...but your lyrics have a truly unique weight and insight. Who are the songwriters that have inspired you the most? Are there particular personal experiences that have informed your writing?

Thomas: Absolutely. Certainly, personal experiences influence my writing. That's just kind of inevitable in my mind. My perspective is always a part of a tune - no matter what character I'm trying to write. I think John Prine does this really well. For example, in Angel From Montgomery, he's writing from an old woman's perspective, but surely there's a part of him in that story somewhere. I put a really high price tag on songwriters who are able to be fluid in that regard: Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes just to name a few. 

Luck: What is next for you? Where can folks catch you live and hear this great song onstage?

Thomas: I'm always playing Texas shows! It's a great place down here, and super fun to tour. But we're especially excited to play the Basement in Nashville, TN on June 13. It'll be my second time in that room, and I love it there. Also, I'm stoked to be playing a handful of Texas shows in late June with Sean McConnell. So grateful for him and his team for having me on those shows. Come say hello!

5/5 - Houston, TX - Anderson Fair

5/19 - Waco, TX - Pint's in the Park

6/13 - Nashville, TN - The Basement

6/17 - Baton Rouge, LA - The Guru

6/21 - Corpus Christi, TX - Brewer Street Icehouse

6/22 - College Station, TX - Hurricane Harry's

6/23 - San Antonio, TX - Sam's Burger Joint

6/24 - San Angelo, TX - House of Fifi Dubois


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