#LuckLists - Hiss Golden Messenger

#LuckLists - Hiss Golden Messenger

Time for another round of  #lucklists, this time featuring MC Taylor aka Hiss Golden Messenger. He’s no stranger to playlists, in fact we’ve been following along on some of his for awhile now and they are amazing.  We were stoked that he put one together for the #luckfamily. When you are done listening, lend an ear to his most recent release ‘Hallelujah Anyhow’ it was one of our favorites last year.  Always touring, they will likely be in your neighborhood soon! Get out to the show, trust us #uneedhissgoodbuddy

1. Yesterday’s Wine - Willie Nelson

Willie's album "Yesterday's Wine" was the first of his that took me on a deep soul journey. The title track is so simple that it's nearly impossible to think about how to compose a song like this. I particularly love the kick drum pattern in this tune, it's something I've tried to emulate many times.

2. Ark Of The Covenant - The Congos

The Congos' album Heart of the Congos is an album that I'd like played at my funeral. It's a gospel album, essentially, produced by Lee Perry at his Black Ark studio in the mid 1970s.

3. Poet - Sly & The Family Stone

"My only weapon is my pen, and the frame of mind I'm in. I'm a songwriter. A poet." Those words make me cry.

4. I’m Gonna Run To The City Of Refuge - Blind Willie Johnson

Blind Willie Johnson's music is a foundational building block for me. When I heard him for the first time as a kid, it scared me! Every time I'm in Dallas I go looking for Willie's ghost.

5. Lift Him Up That’s All - Washington Phillips

Washington Phillips was a gospel musician from Texas, like Blind Willie Johnson. But Phillips' music is somehow the inverse of Johnson's: It's sort of celestial and sweet, played on an instrument of his own devising. But there is an Old Testament feeling to this too. Nobody gets out alive.

6. Blue Monday People - Curtis Mayfield

I could choose any song off of this record--in my opinion the best Curtis ever made--and today it's "Blue Monday People." I wouldn't write the way that I do without having Curtis Mayfield's music in my life.

7. Coyote - Joni Mitchell

I feel like Joni Mitchell may be the deepest of the whole 1970s songwriter set; a bigger soul, more wide-open, willing to break things, unpredictable. This song is one of my favorites for long drives down long black ribbons of highway. I Hejira might be my favorite Joni Mitchell album.

8. Dream In Blue - Los Lobos

David Hidalgo sings like an angel. I would like to meet him one day and tell him, "Thank you." His voice is a healing thing. Los Lobos is an oft-overlooked band. I feel like they're about the best that America has to offer from men with guitars.

9. Go Gina - SZA

This is a perfect song to me. Perfect groove, perfect lyrics.

10. Frankiphone Blues - Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble

Phil Cohran played trumpet with Sun Ra for a few years before making his own band. His recordings are a deep well.

11. Heaven Help The Child - Mickey Newbury

Mickey Newbury put pain into song as good as anybody. Sometimes you gotta be careful with his music, it can take you to a place that is hard to get out of. I think he was a genius soul.

12. Mystifies Me - Ronnie Wood

This song is beautifully loose. This is a Saturday afternoon in spring song for me.

13. Johnny Charasquis - Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan was another complicated character. He wore an eyepatch, using an Echoplex, took Tejano music to different places. This is the sound of San Antonio to me.

14. At The Crossroads - Sir Douglas Quintet

Sir Doug's music is in my marrow. It will always give me something new and familiar.

15. I Recall A Gypsy Woman - Waylon Jennings

Dreaming My Dreams is a perfect country record. This song shares that high chiming bell sound with SZA track. I was watching the Mike Judge series Tales From the Tourbus recently and was surprised to learn that, out of all of those characters, Waylon was the one that hadn't shot anyone.

16. Anymore for Anymore - Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance

Another song I'd like played at my funeral. Ronnie Lane is a huge inspiration to me.

17. Let Us Go In The House Of The Lord - Pharoah Sanders

This is a song that I often put on when I'm looking for a certain spirit place. Peaceful but searching.

18. Heartbreak Road - Bill Withers

I am in a Bill Withers cover band, the only other band I currently play in, if that gives any context. He's a model human being.

19. Complainte Pour Ste Catherine - Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Play this one at my funeral too.

20. Six Million Dollar Version - King Tubby

King Tubby's music is my rock. There are so many more. 

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