#LuckLists - Devon Gilfillian

#LuckLists - Devon Gilfillian

Welcome to #LuckLists! A new series from the Luck Journal. We’ve asked our #LuckFamily of artists to tell us about some of the songs that they love. Thanks to Devon Gilfillianfor helping us to kick this series off. Newly signed to Capitol Records, Devon and the band will be hitting the road for a NE tour with Anderson East in April.

1.Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

‘Such a badass opening track for Zeppelin 3. Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page were so influential on me as I was a young guitar player.”

2.12 Bar Blues - Aaron Lee Tasjan

“I stumbled upon Aaron’s set at last years Luck Reunion and he blew my mind. This tune is so clever and hilarious, one of my favorites from him.”

3. Whipping Post - The Allman Brothers

“I would go up into my dad’s music room in the attic and play along to this record when I was first learning how to play guitar. The Allman Brothers were so huge in my love of the Blues, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and Rock and Roll. They mixed the genres so tastefully.”

4. Golden Lady -  Stevie Wonder

“My dad would always be blaring some Stevie Wonder when I was a kid, and this tune was definitely in the rotation. Stevie was a huge influence on my singing and ear for melody.”

5. Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time) - The Delfonics

“... just such a huge part of the Philly Soul sound. Thomas Bell was a producer for them and would fill the Sound with these huge orchestras. So epic.”

6. Swing Down Chariot - The Staple Singers

“The Staple Singers made me fall in love with gospel music. Pops guitar drips gold all over while Mavis, Yvonne and Pervis lay beautiful harmonies and pull your soul out of your chest.”

7. All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix

“Jimi is one of my greatest musical influences for sure. This is one of my favorite guitar solo that he lays down on this tune. I get chills every time I hear it.”

8. Sam Stone - John Prine

“John Prine is one of my favorite songwriters to put pen to paper. This tune is so sad but such a crazy glimpse into a real scenario that can unfortunately resonate with a time after the Vietnam war or even many other wars.”

9. Run Fay Run - Isaac Hayes

“Isaac is such a genius when it comes to orchestrating, and this is a pure example. The drums and the horns and the sound on the track is just huge and epic.”

10. I Can Get Off On You - Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

“This track is blaring in our tour van (especially through Texas) pretty much constantly. A controversial tune but so honest and vulnerable.”

#LuckLists - Hiss Golden Messenger

#LuckLists - Hiss Golden Messenger