Episode 1:
Board To Death:
Meet Jimmy Lewis
Jimmy shaping.png

Jimmy Lewis started shaping boards in 1968, and has been the go-to board builder for the nation’s top surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers ever since. He got the bug early: at age 11, Jimmy’s brother got into surfing and not only did Jimmy follow suit, but he also crafted his first small-scale board to accommodate his hobby.

Years later, Lewis moved to Maui and became the preeminent builder for some of the world’s most respected surfers. As he says, “when all the curves blend and flow together you get the ‘Golden Ratio’, and I’ve been able to come up with that ratio a lot more often than most other board makers.”

And when it comes to surfing, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lewis’ son, professional surfer Marlon, has been riding the waves since he could walk. As the elder Lewis describes, Marlon’s “dynamic surfing style is all new school…[with] radical slashes and critical wave positioning” has defined his son’s career.

Visit to shop his goods, and check out our first “Sites & Sounds” episode on to get to know Jimmy and see the incomparable Nikki Lane making serious moves in his shop.


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