Episode 2:
Torchy's Tacos

Here, Rypka shares more on Torchy’s early days, their craziest concoctions, and the kitchen essentials every taco lover needs:

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In a town where tacos are within arms reach at all times...what sets Torchy’s apart?

It’s always been an honor to be a go-to in the taco mecca that is Austin, and we believe it’s our commitment to high quality, cooked-to-order tacos that keeps people comin’ back again and again. Each of our locations has a unique and different design, but you’ll find the same handcrafted queso, margaritas and Damn Good tacos wherever you visit us.

Torchy’s first time?

Way back in 2006, we opened the first Torchy’s Tacos food trailer on South First Street right here in Austin, TX! To spread the Damn Good word, I rode around the area on my red Vespa giving out free chips and salsa to recruit new fans and make a mark on the Austin taco scene. The rest is history!

Fan-favorite taco?

The Trailer Park Trashy style has earned a near cult-like following at this point. It’s hard to top an iconic duo like queso and fried chicken!

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Craziest creation you ever made?

In 2011, we made an insane creation called the Redonkulous. It contained *almost* every menu item piled into two 12 inch tortillas and weighed seven pounds!

Top 3 things every taco lover should have in their fridge/pantry:

  1. Diablo Sauce. Y’all know that hot sauce is good on damn near everything!

  2. Tortilla chips for scooping up all the casualties of a sloppy taco session. No morsels left behind!

  3. It never hurts to have some fresh limes on deck – a lil’ spritz of citrus can really take a taco to the next level.

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