Looks at Luck 2018

There's no doubting Willie Nelson is synonymous with "legend" in many respects. Many titles have described Nelson over the years - "musician", "songwriter", "activist", even "actor", - and we'd like to argue that there's room for one more: "style icon". The braids, the bandana, the slim fit classic denim, the boots have all contributed to the classic country style that continues to find space in today's trends. 

At Luck Reunion, our patrons, artists, and staff all take a note out of the book of Willie, Waylon, Johnny, and Merle not only through their love for music but also the way they dress. We caught some of the best looks at Luck this year that captured the resurgence of that classic 70s outlaw country style with a modern twist influenced by some of our wonderful vendors like Worth and Worth, Maker and Smith, and Ft. Lonesome.  Fringe, boots, turquoise jewelry, tattoos, embroidery and chain-stitching, funky patterns, and denim ruled this year at Luck. As you’ll see in our gallery below, these wardrobe must-haves have stood the test of time throughout the decades and continue to be quintessential icons.

Photos contributed by: Jentri Collello, Cal Quinn, James Joiner, Beth Bizer, Suzanne Cordiero, & Rett Rogers.

Luck Reunion