Pink Moon on the North Sea: Tour Diary with Nicole Atkins

Pink Moon on the North Sea: Tour Diary with Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins, Dylan LeBlanc, and the Pollies have wrapped up their European run and we’re back with our last installment of their tour diaries. Read below on a couple days in the shoes of Nicole Atkins and festival life in the Netherlands.

by Nicole Lee Atkins

So this was one of my days off technically although I did sing a cover of Carole King’s “Road to Nowhere” in Dylan’s set.

Vlieland, Netherlands, an island in the North Sea, held a festival called INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN. It was a beautiful sunny day with a salty breeze. The festival camping was a sea of bicycles, so many I laughed at the thought of how anyone would be able to find which bike at the end of the fest. I can barely find my car at the end of the day.


It was a rough early morning for all of us, 6 am wakeup call so we could catch the ferry to Vlieland. The ship was filled with sleepy, haggard musicians, one of which I recognized from Nashville. Parker Millsap in the house rockin’ a Very Bradley backpack that I wish was mine. We sleep in weird places on the boat covered in breakfast trash and awaken in sunny Vlieland.

The layout of the festival reminded me of Mountain Jam. Spread out, uncluttered and very eco friendly. Time to ditch those straws and lids y’all. This fest was trash free almost and it was really nice.


Dylan’s set was early and on the beach. Everyone was laid out on the sand enjoying. After we chatted up Japanese Breakfast and caught a bit of the Posies. After that I met a super cool singer named Judy Blank who kidnapped Spencer for a little set then caught back up with us as the sun fell.


For some reason me, Caleb, and Clint adopted a Gilligan’s Island jag where I was Captain, Clint was Skipper, and Caleb was Gilligan. This role-play alway ends up happening at Fests. I’m so happy I’m out here with my fellow childlike freaks. Great chats, snacks, and cigarettes ensure.


John Cale started playing. We remembered the back entrance to the side stage. With Judy Blanks and Ken Stringfellow in tow we watched the whole set. “This song is in B minor.” BAM! POWER! “This song has been rearranged.” All of these fresh takes on songs that have had such important meanings at different times in my life, John Cale, fact away playing and commanding like a psychedelic Mozart. We danced and danced.


After we laid on the beach and there was a giant pink moon! So many stars and caught 2 shooting ones! Had another early morning and at the port saw John Cale’s band, they introduced me to him. We talked about dynamics and “Hanky Panky Nohow”. In a daze I happily and groggily followed Parker Millsap’s gorgeous green Vera Bradly backpack back into the ferry for another breakfast garbage nap.

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