#LuckLists - Liz Cooper & the Stampede

#LuckLists - Liz Cooper & the Stampede

photos by Jentri Colello

Liz Cooper and the Stampede - aka Grant Usher and Ryan Prettyman - joined us out at the ranch for the first time this year. They set fire to the Source stage and it seems that flame hasn't let up since. Liz and the boys have been busy touring and putting the finishing touches on their new album, Window Flowers, available everywhere this Friday, 8/10. We can't wait to spin the full record, but until then here's Liz Cooper and the Stampede's #LuckList to tide you over. 

1. Dirty Work - Steely Dan

"I just started to love Steely Dan a few years ago after years of thinking it was dad music. Maybe i’m a dad now. I think this song has tude and i love the vocal melodies." LC

2. Pink Moon - Nick Drake

"Nick's guitar playing is a big influence for me and his song writing. Love the sound of this recording and the imagery in this tune." LC

3. Out on the Weekend - Neil Young

"It’s a relatable song with nostalgic vibes lyrically and melodically. I’m a huge Neil fan and this song just makes me feel good."  LC

4. If I Ain’t Got You - Alicia Keys

"Alicia is an amazing singer and pianist. This song is so fun to sing to and brings me back to when I was a kid."  LC

5. Oh Darling! - The Beatles

"It’s one of my earliest memories of music. My dad would sing it around the house." RU

6. Say it Ain’t So - Weezer

"It was the first song I learned on the drums." RU

7. Wristband - Paul Simon

"Paul Simon is putting the cherry on top of his life with this record and having a sense of humor in songwriting is vital and undersized. I think he captures it perfectly." GP

8. Us and Them - Pink Floyd

"This album broke me out of my musical bubble that I was raised in and it’s my favorite track off the record. The peddling bass line is a lesson to all bass players to do less." GP

9. A Calf Born in Winter - Khruangbin

"The grooooooove and the chiiiiill. So dang groovy and gives me goose bumps." GP

10. Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Tears for Fears

"Dat drum beat tho." LC

Window Flowers is available everywhere on Friday and hopefully we will be touring in a city near you!!! FLOWER POWER. 


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Sources: Back to the Fort - The Culture of Newport Folk

Sources: Back to the Fort - The Culture of Newport Folk