#LuckLists - Paul Thorn

#LuckLists - Paul Thorn

The beer garden is always busy during Luck Reunion, but damn the #LuckFamily came out in force for Tales and Ales. Paul Thorn and Lagunitas Brewing Company Founder Tony Magee swapped stories and songs for a captivated audience. They finished by serving freshly grilled SPAM Sandwiches for the faithful crowd. We caught up with Paul to talk about his #LuckList and the recipe for those famed sammies below. 

Paul's #LuckList:

1. You’re My Favorite Waste of Time - Marshall Crenshaw

It's a simple melodic masterpiece!

2. This Old Road - Kris Kristofferson

It's about looking back at your life. It's very touching.

3. The Logical Song - Supertramp

It reminds me of high school and the girls who were out of my league.

4. Snake Farm - Ray Wylie Hubbard

It's a perfect love song.

5. Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics

Annie Lennox is numero uno.

6. Cuts Like A Knife - Bryan Adams

It's raw and rockin'. What a voice!

7. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction - Devo

They put their own spin on a Rolling Stones classic.

8. Good Advice - Guy Clark

I just love this song. He was a master of painting pictures with words.

9. Eyeball Kid - Tom Waits

This song is crazy in a good way.

10. Blue Moon - Elvis Presley

A beautiful, sad love song. They don't call him the King for nothing.



The Story Behind the SPAM: 

“When I was growing up we always had SPAM in our house. The only way I’ve ever eaten SPAM is to grill it, and then place it between white bread with a generous portion of Miracle Whip. Years ago I mentioned one night on stage that I occasionally indulge in a little SPAM. After that, people started bringing cans of SPAM to my shows for me. I have so many cans of SPAM at home that I could probably feed the whole city of Tupelo (my hometown) in an apocalypse."

The recipe:



White bread

Miracle Whip

Grill the SPAM until it’s brown on both sides. Spread a generous portion of Miracle Whip on one piece of bread. Make sure that the Miracle Whip is spread all the way to the edges, so that it touches the crust on all sides. Place the SPAM between the two slices of bread. The Miracle Whip is sweet, which makes for a nice contract with the saltiness of the SPAM.

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