#LuckLists - Caleb Caudle

#LuckLists - Caleb Caudle

Joining us for the latest installment of #LuckLists is North Carolina’s Caleb Caudle,  He released his 7th record this past February and he played a few for us as part of our song swap in the #luckrevival tent. Caleb will be touring all over the US in 2018 in support of “Crushed Coins” Get out to a show!

1. Lost In The Supermarket - The Clash

It's the first song I remember hearing by The Clash, I knew immediately that they were my new favorite band. This song feels like home in so many ways, I will never fall out of love with it.

2. Shotgun Willie - Willie Nelson

I love how greasy this song is. Just has a super hazy feel about it. It reminds me of coming home off the road, I spin it often.

3. Eleanor Rigby - Aretha Franklin

I think it's kind of impossible to not like this song. I remember first hearing it and being blown away about the way they reworked it. Really good groove on this and there's no denying how powerful her voice is.

4. Move On Up -  Curtis Mayfield

His whole debut is one of my favorite records. I love how passionate he is, unafraid to talk about the things that matter. It's a record of hope, something we will always need.

5. Boulder to Birmingham - Emmylou Harris

This song always stops me dead in my tracks, there are so many wonderful Emmylou cuts but this one resonates with me the most. I got on this airplane just to fly...

6. Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground

I started with the first record and made my way through the catalog like I typically do, I was so surprised when this song and many others from that S/T record hit me the way that they did. This song in particular will always be one of my favorites. Perfect instrumentation and perfect delivery.

7. I Lost It - Lucinda Williams

I could have easily chosen any song off of Car Wheels but I went with this one because it gets stuck in my head the most. She's the Queen.

8. Small Town Talk - Bobby Charles

The band is so killer on this whole record, It's a song that anyone from a small town can relate to. That groove is super legit.

9. Autumn In New York - Billie Holiday

I put this one on our wedding mix, Her voice might be my favorite. I can't believe that a real person can sound that good. That piano line is breathtaking too.

10. When The Wall Comes Down - Hiss Golden Messenger

Fellow North Carolinians, I just connect so much with their work. I feel like they are fighting for all the right things and I just wanna align myself with folks like that. This song is beautiful and I think the whole world should hear it.

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