#LuckLists - Aaron Lee Tasjan

#LuckLists - Aaron Lee Tasjan

Our latest contributor to #LuckLists is no stranger to Luck. Aaron Lee Tasjan joined us for our 2016 Luck Sessions and most recently played the World Headquarters stage last month at this year's Luck Reunion. Tasjan has a new album coming in 2018 on New West Records produced by Jeff Trott and featuring Brian Wright, Seth Earnest and Tommy Scifres in the band. Listen to his #LuckList below!

1. All Kinds Of People - Lilly Hiatt

"Lilly Hiatt is one of the best and most Rock n Roll songwriters of my generation. The Trinity Lane album is a constant favorite and this song makes my heart swell."

2. Coast To Coast - Elliott Smith

"Elliott Smith was a true master of music and his albums still knock me out. I was way into Basement On A Hill when I was 19 and it's recently become one of my records of choice again for about the last year."

3. Square One - Tom Petty

"This song has become somewhat of a mantra for me recently. It reminds me how important it is to remember to look at the same old things with the eyes of a first timer."

4. The Good Rebel - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

"In classic Noel form he left his best song off of his first solo effort. This song is just about perfect."

5. Guess I’m Dumb - Glen Campbell

"When I was a kid, the first time I sang for my grandma Virginia, she said I reminded her of Glen. I've become a huge fan ever since. This vocal is a show stopper."

6. Soul No. 5 - Caroline Rose

"I'm so into this incredibly gifted young lady's music and vibe. What more could you want?"

7. Class Reunion - Ladies Gun Club

"My favorite band going. No band is cooler."

8. Maria Sugarcane - Brian Wright

"Brian is my soul brother. I learn so much about music and life from him. Love this dude like the roses love the sun. His songs and musicianship are beyond reproach."

9. Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request - Todd Snider

"Todd is a genius through and through. His songs and shows will transform you."

10. Dyin’ - Elizabeth Cook

"If you aren't listening to the incredible songs of Elizabeth Cook I don't know what you're doing. Her lyrics are like Shakespeare on acid and her voice is god damn Country gold."

Particle War available now!

Particle War available now!

#LuckLists - Caleb Caudle

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